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The only type of waste that can be disposed into the garbage bin is rubbish/domestic waste.

The term domestic waste is food / kitchen waste produced from the kitchen of housing estates, village houses and food premises

Bulky waste consists of construction waste, garden waste, furniture, industrial waste (excluding scheduled waste) and others. This waste is not collected by the LC compactor truck. The public should dispose of bulky waste at LC landfills.

Sampah haram bermaksud sampah atau sisa pepejal yang dibuang di kawasan yang BUKAN dikhaskan untuk pembuangan sampah awam.

The Labuan Corporation Garbage Disposal Site is located at Kampung Bukit Kalam, Labuan FT.

Checklist for permit application to enter Labuan Corporation Garbage Disposal Site:

  1. Submit an official application letter
  2. State the type of waste / solid to dispose of
  3. Attach information of the vehicle entering the landfill (copy of vehicle card)
  4. The completed application will be processed, and permit will be given according to the specified period
  5. Permit should be renewed upon expiration. Submit a month earlier for any permit renewal matters.
  6. Please submit an application letter to the Municipal Services Department, Labuan Corporation

Currently, the management of Labuan Corporation has yet to charge any external parties. However, the Department will monitor and filter the types of waste that can be disposed of at the landfill.

Types of items that can be recycled with LC:

  1. Paper
  2. Plastic
  3. Iron/aluminium
  4. Cooking oil (food premises/restaurants only)

Among the recycling programs implemented by Labuan Corporation:

  1. Purchasing recycled items programme at village level (Saturday and Sunday)
  2. Purchasing recycled items programme at housing area level (Tuesday to Friday)
  3. Collection of recycled waste programme in selected schools and agencies
  4. Recycling exhibition and awareness programme held from time to time

Yes, Labuan Corporation provides logistics equipment rental services. Rental applications are subject to the conditions and prices which have been set.

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