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Chief Information Officer

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Name: Fadzilah bin Hj. Mahmud
Position: Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Management)
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 087-408608
Fax: 087-428997

Welcome to the Website of Labuan Corporation. To all visitors of the LC Website, with just 1 click, you can access any information related to Labuan Corporation in particular and Labuan FT in general as follows; LABUAN CORPORATION INFO All basic information about the Labuan Corporation Profile can be accessed on the Home Page of this website, including: PUBLIC INFO 1) TOURISM 3) BUSINESS 4) ONLINE SERVICES Visitors can also provide constructive views, suggestions and comments for this organization through the e-complaint system provide. We home that this website can help you to access information quickly and that you can help Labuan Corporation improve the quality of service delivery through interaction and collaboration from various angles for the well-being of the people. Happy browsing!. Fadzilah bin Hj. Mahmud Chief Information Officer of Labuan Corporation
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