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Development and Engineering Department Frequently Asked Questions

Permit for Digging Work in Road Reserve / Open Space in the Federal Territory of Labuan

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Obtain approval with work permit to carry out digging work to install cables, water pipes, sewer pipes, drain pipes, curbs and others related within the road reserve/open area in the Federal Territory of Labuan under the local authority/Labuan Corporation.

Here are the guidelines for applicants.

  1. The applicant must apply in writing to: Chief Executive Officer of Labuan Corporation
    P. O. Box NO. 81245
    87022 F.T. of Labuan
  2. In the letter, the applicant must record the following details:-
    – The work is either done on a paved footpath, curb covered with grass, on the road, across the street or in an open area.
    – Name and address of the contractor that will carry out the work.
    – Duration of the work done.
    – The width and length of the excavation hole to be made.
    – Count to obtain the amount of collateral to repair and clean the road area / public facilities / drains or collateral to repair the road surface / paved footpath
    – Bank Guarantee Number, Bank Draft, Cashir’s Order, Money order, Postal order as well as the amount of collateral and payment to repair in the road reserve to be paid to LABUAN CORPORATION.
  3. The department requires three (3) completed site plan copies to process approvals and permits.
  4. A complete plan is the plan that comprises of:
    – Road name of the path for the cable or pipe
    – The name of the road around the proposed site.
    – Shows the scale of plan numbers and indicators.
    – Clearly indicate the suggestion that is either on the paved footpath, curb overgrown with grass or across the road or open space.
    – New work proposals should be marked in red.
    – Existing signs (objects) on the ground such as mosques or schools around the proposed area site for reference.
  5. The applicant must attach deposit for road maintenance and cleaning or deposit for repair of road / paved footpath / open space along with application for approval as well as permit in the form of bank guarantee / bank draft / cashier’s order / money order / postal order.
  6. The rate of the deposit for road maintenance and cleaning is RM200.00 per metre long.
  7. For works involving paved footpath with tiles / Interlocking footpath / open space, the rate of the deposit is RM200.00 per square metre.
  8. The rate of the deposit for repair of road surface (premix)/paved footpath is RM200.00 per square metre. If the ‘mill and patch’ method is used, the deposit is 3 X RM200.00 metre per square metre.
  9. The deposit for Trenchless technology / HDD pipe jacking work is RM200.00 per square metre.
  10. The width of the excavation hole taken into account (Wc) is the width of the excavation hole to be made (Wd) as follows: –
    – < 3 feet deep : Wc = Wd + 1m
    – > 3 feet deep : Wc = Wd + 2m
  11. The minimum collateral is as follows:
    – RM5,000 for each application for Trenchless technology/HDD pipe jacking.
    – RM5,000.00 for each application for digging work to repair / reconstruct mainhole.
    – RM2,000.00 for other kinds of work applications.
  12. 75% of the deposit will be refunded to the applicant 6 months after all repair work is completed by the applicant and confirmed by Labuan Corporation, while the remaining 25% will only be refunded 18 months later.
  13. Applicants are advised to do work such as planting / installing cables / main water pipes / sewer pipes / drain pipes / curbs on the road shoulder of the paved footpath. If the work is proposed on the road and we find that the work can be done on the shoulder of the road / paved footpath, then the application will be rejected.
  14. The application letter together with the plan and bank draft must be submitted to the Labuan Corporation.
  15. Any further inquiries can be directed to:

    Development and Engineering Department
    Labuan Corporation
    P. O. Box 81245, Federal Territory of Labuan
    or present your queries in person to

    Development and Engineering Department
    7th Floor, Menara PL
    Jalan Okk Awg Besar
    87022, Federal Territory of Labuan

    Telephone no.: 087-408695
    Fax no.: 087-411997

  16. Application letter format is included. Click here to download.
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