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Public Complaint Management

Public complaints are divided into several categories including:

  • Complaints about delays / inaction;
  • Unfair action;
  • Lack of public facilities;
  • Inadequacy of rules / laws or shortcomings of policy implementation;
  • Abuse of power or irregularities;
  • Misconduct of members of the public;
  • Failure to follow established procedures;
  • Enforcement failure; and
  • Unsatisfactory quality of service.

The main types of complaints that can be submitted to Labuan Corporation are as follows:

  • Garbage management and hygiene
  • Ditches and drainage problems
  • Streetlights (specify pole number)
  • Potholes
  • Grass
  • Hawkers
  • Housing

How to make a complaint to Labuan Corporation

  • Present yourself to the Local Counter in Block B, Wisma Perbadanan Labuan
  • Writing correspondence
  • Via email
  • Via website or portal; and
  • Via print or electronic media
  • Via WhatsApp (019-7878665, 019-7878665)

Process of making a complaint/feedback through a website or portal

Step 1:
Go to LC Official Website at https://www.pl.gov.my/

Step 2:
Click the “Contact” menu

Step 3:
Click on the Complaints / Feedback section and you will continue to enter the sispaa link at https://pl.spab.gov.my

Step 4:
Click the “New feedback” menu and register the complaint details according to the instructions given

Langkah memproses aduan awam oleh pihak Perbadanan Labuan

  • Letter of Acknowledgement will be issued immediately or sent within 1 working day with a reference number, telephone number, and name as well as office address of the officer who can be referred.
  • All authentic complaints will be investigated and will be given feedback or answers on the status of the complaint within the stipulated time. If the complaint takes a long time to resolve, the complainant will be contacted and informed of the feedback time.
  • If the complainant is not satisfied with the explanation given, the complaint can be re-submitted by stating the reasons for dissatisfaction. Complaints will be reviewed and new explanations will be given within the stipulated time.

Complaint investigation process

  • Every authentic complaint submitted must be resolved within 2 months.
  • However, if the complaint is simple, it will be resolved immediately, otherwise, if the complaint is complicated, a longer investigation period is required.

All matters pertaining to the lodging of a complaint can be made using the address, telephone number, email or Click the Complaint Form in the website provided as follows: –

Departmetn of Corporate Affairs
Labuan Corporation
Menara Perbadanan Labuan
Peti Surat 81245
87022 W.P. LABUAN

Main Line : 087-408 600
WhatsApp Line: 019-7878665 & 019-5988665
Email : [email protected]
E-Complaint: https://pl.spab.gov.my

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