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Message from the CEO

Message from CEO 

message Bismillahhirahmannirrahim Assalammualaikum wrt. dan Salam Sejahtera As Malaysia is practicing the new normal due to COVID-19 pandemic, Labuan is also doing its part in line with the suggestions of the Government. The shops and premises are all ensured to have followed the Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) to protect the community and prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Labuan Corporation (LC) as the local authority has been providing various supports to the local people during this hardship time especially to those who are affected. LC has been helping the Labuan people by following the Ministry’s policy: Wilayah Cakna Initiative. The assistance that LC have made by phase are handing out food kits, excluding the rental fee for hawkers, providing one-off fund assistance to the community and those eligible, frequently disinfecting public premises, offering discounts on rental and parking fee, last but not least, handing out back to school one-off vouchers.

I am also proud to inform the latest attraction in Labuan where recently a giant poster was put up at the front of Labuan Hotel as an initiative to beautify this island. The poster was done to enliven Labuan Island with a new selfie spot in spurring the domestic tourism particularly. As the people of Labuan well aware, recent working visits of Government High Officials to Labuan has shown a good prospects of encouraging the domestic tourism sector and stimulating the local economies.

Recovering from the pandemic, LC is also focusing on the development of the tourism sector mainly. Plenty of infrastructure developments are in the pipeline for the year of 2021 with the multi-ministries funding as a part of the strategy. There are also potential spots for tourism to be developed have been discovered such as the Kinabenua mangrove area, Batu Layar-Layar, fish livestock activities and many more.

On another note, Malaysia is executing national census that is important for the Malaysia’s economic policy. Thus, it is with utter importance I am calling people of this island to participate in the sixth (6th) census carried out since the formation of Malaysia in 1963.

We are together in these tough moments and may we all protected against the Covid-19 pandemic. In terms of future action, I hope that the local and national economies stimulated with all the plans for the development in Federal Territory of Labuan.

Dr. Fary Akmal Osman
Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif
Perbadanan Labuan

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