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On 10 june 1945 Australian soldiers landed on Labuan Island and Brunei Bay. The objectives were to clear the Japanese from the region, establish and advanced naval base and secure oil and rubber resources. In a well co-coordinated assault, the Australians greatly outnumbered the Japanese and within a week all major local resistance had been eliminated.

On 10 September 1945, Labuan, Borneo, Lieutenant General Masao Baba, Commander of the Japanese 7 Army and Supreme Commander of Japanese Forces in Borneo, arrived at Labuan to surrender the forces under his command to Major General Wootten. The official surrender ceremony was held in this very spot on the afternoon of 10 September 1945 and attended by group Captain C.W Pearce and Squadron leader J.S. St. Heaps of Sydney representing the R.A.A.F.

The Japanese aircraft, a Tachikawa K154C (HICKORY) that flew Lieutenant General Masao Baba to Labuan for the official surrender ceremony is on display at the RAAF Museum, Australia.