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Assessment Tax


Q1: What is Assessment Tax?


Assessment tax is a tax that is levied by Labuan Corporation to properties located in its administrative area in line with the provision under the Local Government Ordinance 1961.

Q2: Why is Assessment Tax Levied?


Assessment Tax is levied to assist Labuan Corporation to fund:-

  1. Construction and maintenance of public facilities such as halls, public toilets, bus stops, children's playgrounds, recreational areas, markets and etc.
  2. Cleaning of residential/business and factory areas, parks and public places.
  3. Construction and maintenance of infrastructure such as streets, drainage and drains.
  4. Provision and maintenance of street lights.
  5. Development of Labuan Corporation area.

Q3: When and how is it paid?


Assessment Tax is charged by Labuan Corporation once a year. Assessment Tax bills will be sent to property owners at the beginning of the year.
Payment can be made by cash, money order, postal order or cheque made payable to Labuan Corporation. You may come to make payment at Labuan Corporation or by post.
Payment can be made at:
Payment Counter
Labuan Corporation
1st Floor, Labuan Corporation Complex
Jalan Dewan
87008 F.T. Labuan

Opening Hours:

Monday - Thursday

8.00am - 1.00pm
2.00pm- 3.00pm


8.00am- 11.30am
2.00pm- 3.00pm

(The counter is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)

Q4: What Actions can be Taken Against You if You Failed to Pay Assessment Tax?

  1. A late payment fee of 3% will be imposed after the first 6 months and 6% for each year thereafter
  2. Legal actions will be taken if owners still fail to follow the notice issued.

Q5: How to Avoid from Legal Action Being Taken Against You?


Pay before or on 30 June every year.

Q6: What are the Benefits of Paying Assessment Tax Before 30 June Every Year?

  1. You will not be fined and no interest will be charged on the tax and no other charges such as notice charge and etc.
  2. Legal action will not be taken against you

Q7: What Must be Done if Assessment Tax Bill is not Received?


Please visit Labuan Corporation or write a letter to obtain a copy of the assessment tax. Remember to bring/attach the following information:

  1. Grant/Title no.; or
  2. House no. and property location; or
  3. Previous assessment tax for reference

Q8: Is it Possible for Building Tenants to Pay Their Rent to Labuan Corporation as Assessment Tax?


Yes. Labuan Corporation can request tenants to pay the rent to Labuan Corporation as assessment tax payment until fully paid.

Q9: What Must be Done if the Following Happened?

  1. New Building Built?
  2. Building Demolished?
  3. Building Renovated?

You are responsible to report to Labuan Corporation immediately.

Q10: If You Want to Buy/Rent a Building or a Piece of Land in Labuan Corporation Area, Please Ensure That...


You check with Labuan Corporation and obtain details on outstanding assessment tax (if any).

Q11: If You Cannot Afford to, How Can You Pay the Assessment Tax?


Please come to Labuan Corporation to discuss how to settle the tax.

Q12: Is it Allowed to Transfer Ownership or Property Collateral been made if Assessment Tax is Not Paid?


All arrears and current tax must be paid before change of ownership/collateral or other real estate transactions are made.

Q13: What Must You Do When Encounter Problems Regarding Assessment Tax?


For more information and clarification regarding Assessment Tax, you may directly contact:
Property Management
Labuan Corporation
Wisma Perbadanan Labuan
P.O. Box 81245
87022 Federal Territory of Labuan
Or Contact:


087 - 408650, 408698,
087 - 408655


[email protected]

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