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The History Of F.T. Labuan


Labuan was declared Federal Territory in 1984. In 1990 the Federal Territory of Labuan was declared IOFC (International Offshore Financial Centre).

  • 1800

    Labuan was under the rule of Brunei became the shelter for the ships from storms and pirate attacks

  • 1846

    Labuan was officially handed over to British by Raja Muda Hasim pada 18 December 1846 and was declared as a free trade port.

  • 1888

    Labuans administration was handed over to British North Borneo Company which was known as The Chartered Company

  • 1907

    Labuan was placed under the administration of Straits Settlements.

  • 1942

    The Japanese Army invaded Labuan and took control of the island. The name was later changed into Maida Island.

  • 1945

    Jeneral Masao Baba signed a surrender letter at Layang-layangan Beach in front of Jeneral Mejar George F. Wootten, 9th Division Commander of the Australian Allied Forces

  • 1947

    Town Syndicate was founded to administer Labuan.

  • 16 April 1984

    Labuan was proclaimed as the Federal Territory of Labuan.

  • 1 Oktober 1990

    Labuan was pronounced as the International Offshore Financial Centre. (IOFC).

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