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Daat Island - The 242.9 hectare island is privately owned and guess what, it is currently up for sale.

Daat Island has absolutely gorgeous views of the South China Sea and Labuan Island, as well as a patch of rainforest.

Due to its private nature, it is not open to the public but hey, if you have a cool USD 51 million to spare, you may just want to consider getting this charming island all to yourself.

Papan Island - Just next to Daat Island is a 10.52 hectare tiny islet called Papan Island. A favourite weekend getaway and campsite for the locals and tourists alike, it was originally used as a lighthouse base in 1895.

In 1902, the dimmer reddish lights were replaced with brighter "dioptrie" lamps – so bright that it could be seen 13 kilometres away. The faithful lighthouse steered passing vessels into Victoria Harbour until after WWII when the Allied forces used it as a temporary detention camp of Japanese prisoners-of war.

Today it is under the jurisdiction of Labuan Corporation (Perbadanan Labuan). The island has facilities such as chalets, campsites, sports grounds, a surau, a BBQ area, volleyball and sepak takraw courts. Adventurous souls can embark on an exciting bout of jungle trekking at the island, too.

Accommodation rates start from RM350 per night for a normal 3-room chalet.