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Client's Charter

We are committed to provide excellent, efficient and customer-friendly service and implement quality development programmes in line with the national development policies.

  1. Making sure customers dealing at counters / through phone calls do not have to wait more than five (5) minutes and are attended to in the most polite and efficient way.
  2. Inform decisions of applications for public facilities usage that are received whether written / through mail within one (1) to three (3) working days from the date the application was received
  3. Making sure that all complaints received will be investigated within three (3) working days  and provide feedback to complainant and upper management within fourteen (14) working days
  4. Make payments within 14 days from the date a document was completed
  5. Make sure customers receive answers for the application for the usage of Anjung Budaya within one (1) day.
  6. Make sure customers receive answers for the booking of performance within one (1) day.
  7. To process and provide decisions on new applications for businesses licenses, change of particulars, application for hawker licenses within fourteen (14) working days and one (1) working day for renewals of business licenses.
  8. To process the application for the membership of Labuan Public Library in not more than five (5) minutes and to process the loans and returns of books in not more than three (3) minutes.