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Message from CEO

dr fary


Assalammualaikum wrt. and Salam Sejahtera


Praise be to Allah SWT. This is the beginning of the day that would be the most exciting and challenging for me. I am indeed excited and very honoured to be given the opportunity to be part of the Labuan Corporation family. I humbly thanking everyone who has putting a trust and giving me this opportunity to take up the position.


I am aware that over the past years, many initiatives have been put into place to stimulate the vibrancy in Federal Territory of Labuan. The Labuan Master plan has provided the necessary framework to further develop this island. Nonetheless, now perhaps is a time to revisit our master plan and see how we can take a leap. A big bound that is much needed by this beautiful island. In moving forward and taking that leap, we will design and execute a strategic action plan. We will think through and find ways to innovate and adopt continuous improvement policy in all aspects of our operations.

Further, we must ensure to be at the same level of the global standard of practices. Strengthening green initiatives in waste management, embedding environment and marine sustainability policy in this Island will also be our priority. Not to forget that as we serve the international market, our service delivery requires an upgrade which includes our port and ferry facilities, public utilities and infrastructures. One more to mention is requirement to boost investment, promoting business activities and a major facelift for our tourism industry with perhaps a stronger focus on health and wellness.

As technology evolves around us, we will do our work in a more creative ways by leveraging on the digital and advanced technology. Expanding our international collaboration and forge friendships with regional partners in strategic key areas will be identified. As we progress, we need to prioritize innovations that will add values to our operations and look for ways to achieve multiplier effects to the local economy. Eventually all the innovations and the focus on adding values will lead to the betterment of the local community. Local community will be given a bigger role to play and focus attention as they should live life prosperously and happily in this island.

As we embark our new journey together, pursue our new knowledge, enhance our skills; let’s target and aim high for Labuan!

Together we continue working towards advancing Labuan.


Thank you & Salam Hormat,

Dr. Fary Akmal Osman