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Message from CEO

tuan azhar

Praise to Allah for His grace, we are able to further continue our roles and responsibilities in 2018. The year 2017 has left us with many precious memories and events. The world of civil service is becoming more challenging in line with today's development of information technology.  The public nowadays are more open in expressing their opinions and views through social media.     

Social media is a medium of choice for its low cost, speedy and very efficient in sharing views and opinions. Popular social media such as Facebook, twitter, blogs and YouTube are among the channels of public choice. Therefore, we need to handle today's information more efficiently and that is why Labuan Corporation (PL) should also use social media to disseminate information to the community.

In line with the vision, mission and objectives of PL, the information technology culture should be fully utilised by civil servants as it is very helpful in reducing both red tapes and time of transactions also simplify and accelerate work process and provide services via online or transactions that are simply performed at the customer's fingertips.

With the existence of the PL website, various information that can be channeled and services to PL customers can be accessed easily. I hope customers can provide views and suggestions to improve the PL website thus sharing of information on various aspects related to PL. Lastly, I hope the PL workforce will continue to cooperate with one another and give high levels of commitment in carrying out their duties and responsibilities entrusted upon them.     

Thank you and we hope you enjoy browsing the Labuan Corporation Website.

YBhg. Datuk Azhar bin Ahmad