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Public Library


The Objectives

To establish a Library Service of High Quality in order to create a Knowledgeable Society through:

  • Practicing excellent work ethics.
  • Establishing a perfect facility that is ideal to the public's needs.
  • Establishing a collection of the highest quality and latest books.
  • Creating an effective programme to encourage and maximize use of the library.
  • Establishing the latest information system that is suitable to the budget.


  • To choose, buy and process the buying of books as reading materials at the library.
  • To organise programmes to encourage the use of the library.
  • To establish the borrowing of books and the dissemination of information services.
  • To take care and manage the collection and to determine a policy that must be obeyed by the library users.
  • To establish a close relationship with other libraries so as to share and exchange information.
  • To gather other suitable materials so as to upgrade the expansion and development of Labuan.

The Client's Charter

We promise to:

  • Process applications for membership to the library within 5 minutes.
  • Register membership within 5 minutes.
  • To borrow a book within 5 minutes.
  • To process the return of books within 5 minutes.

Address :-

Public Library

Tingkat  Bawah, 1, 2, 3, Menara Perbadanan Labuan

Jalan Okk Awang Besar, Peti Surat 81245,

87022, WP Labuan


Office Line :-