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Municipal Services


Aid the organization in making W.P Labuan as an offshore International Finance Center that is clean, beautiful, and developed

  • Ensure a clean environment and a safe public health level
  • Ensure quality municipal services
  • Control Business Activities
  • Implement educational and social awareness programmes
  • Ensure the balance between current landscape development and nature preservation
  • Responsible towards cleanliness of the surroundings under PL's jurisdiction
  • Manage issues regarding business licence control, advertisement and permits in general.
  • Responsible in ensuring the cleanliness of food premises and public toilets
  • Responsible in planning and implementing a comprehensive and well planned landscape development programme
  • Responsible in landscaping maintenance and hazardous trees complaints.
  • Process and respond towards licence application that comply with the following conditions:
    • 14 days Business license
    • 14 days Market and Mobile Hawker License
    • 7 days License Detail Change
    • 1 day License Renewal
  • Operate a city waste collection everyday for residential areas and schools and between 2-7 times a weeks for rural areas.
  • Operate a farm waste collection service within 2 days after a booking is made with PL authorities with an amount of RM80.00 per collection.
  • Implement a cleaningof sidewalk drains within the city center atleast 3 times a month
  • Ensure that toilet cleanliness is always at a satisfying level through the implementation of MS ISO 9001:2000
  • Run inspections for the grading of food premises atleast 2 times a year with a target of 50% and above premises obtaining Grade A
  • Take action toward disturbance and nuisance complaints within 3 working days
  • Process and produce health cards within 3 minutes for each completed applications
  • Take action towards public complaints of hazardous trees within 24 hours.
  • Take action towards tree complaints within 7 days/investigation.

Address :-

Municipal Services Department

1st Floor, Block B, Wisma Perbadanan Labuan

Jalan Merdeka, Peti Surat 81245,

87022, WP Labuan


Office Line :-