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Human Resource Management


The Objective

To establish a human resource management system that is effective, efficient and productive.



  • To manage matters on service for the officers and staff of Perbadanan Labuan as shown below:
    • To study and manage the annulment, grading and establishment of posts in the organisation.
    • To study the needs and establishment of new posts.
    • To manage the intake of new officers and staff based on the Legislation for Public Servants (Appointment, Upgrading and Sacking of Service) 2005.
    • To manage posts including the confirmation of positions, disbursements of pensions and placements of officers and staff.
    • To administer all aspects related to leave based on the General  Order          - Bad C
    • To manage matters on safety of the officers and staff.
    • To manage applications for Housing and Travel allowances.
    • To coordinate  the SISPEN / HRMS System.
    • To administer the Performance Evaluation Report (LNTP) for officers and staff.
    • To administer matters pertaining to the Declaration of Properties for officers and staff.
  • To manage the Training and Career Development as follows:
    • To plan, identify and coordinate internal and external training activities.
    • To develop curriculum and training programmes.
    • To organise General and Specialised Induction Courses.
    • To study and plan strategic human resource management.
    • To dispense counseling service to officers and staff.
    • To provide and manage courses and the Skilled Level Assessments on the  Perbadanan Labuan level.
    • To handle applications to attend conferences, seminars and study tours.
  • Become secretariat to:
    • The Committee on Monitoring of Courses
    • The Competency Board
    • The Counseling Unit
    • The Panel on Human Resource Development Board (PPSM)
    • The Promotions board
    • The Disciplinary Board
    • The Inter-Department Board (MBJ)
    • The Personnel Committee.

The Client's Charter

  • To manage the appointments of officers and staff
    • The filling in of jobs through advertisements to be made within two (2) months of advertising.
  • Management of matters relating service
    • To process leave applications within three (3) days after  the applications  are received.
    • To give confirmation of jobs to qualified personnels within one (1) week from date of approval by the Head of Departments.
    • To process service allowances that are in order within three (3) weeks from date received
    • To update service record books and the Department Personnel System (SISPEN) or Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) for the officers and staff from time to time.
    • To manage and execute policies from time to time on development performance, promotions, discipline and awards following existing guidelines.
    • To process matters pertaining to retirement of officers and staff within three (3) months.
    • To ensure all documents on retirement which are in order are submitted to the Pensions Department of JPA within six (6) months before the officer or staff retires.
  • To manage Training and Career Development by:
    • Procesing applications to attend courses,  training or examinations within three (3) days after the approval of the application.
    • Ensuring that every officer and staff  attends a course for at least seven (7) days a year.
    • To accept and process applications for practicum from students of IPTA or IPTS within seven days from the date of getting an approval from the heads of departments.
    • To organise meetings for the Courses or Training Monitoring Committee at least four (4) times a year.

Address :-

Human Resource Management Department,

Ground Floor, Block B, Wisma Perbadanan Labuan (Temporary)

Jalan Merdeka, P.O Box 81245,

87022, WP Labuan


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