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Information Management


The Objective

To upgrade the level of skill and effectiveness of the management machinery and the system that reaches out to customers of the organisation through the use of information technology.



  • To plan, study and implement the computerisation  needs of Perbadanan Labuan and the departments under it.
  • To develop and maintain a computing system for the Perbadanan to ensure that it is always efficient and up to date.
  • To plan, study and implement a computer networking system in the Perbadanan to get optimum usage.
  • To give advisory and technical service to the management and other users in line with the current development in information technology.
  • To make evaluation studies from the aspect of hardware, software and its application from time to time so that the system is always suitable to the users’ needs.
  • To undertake an acquisition process that is from the preparation of specification tender to the installation of the hardware and signal tests.
  • As a Technical Committee for Labuan Corporation website.

Client's Charter

We Promise to:

  • Prepare and maintain  within a certain time frame an applicable system that is approved by the management following a standard method and using a suitable technology.
  • To give a computer service facility according to the management’s needs so as to improve productivity using the latest technology.
  • To ensure that the computers work at all time and to give immediate service through the Help Desk.
  • Ever ready to give technical advice either directly or through the Technical Committees.
  • To give exposure to the staff of Perbadanan Labuan so as to increase their awareness of the importance of information technology.

Address :-

Information Management Department,

3rd Floor, Block A, Wisma Perbadanan Labuan

Jalan Merdeka, P.O Box 81245,

87022, FT Labuan


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