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Valuation, Investment and Property Management Department



  • To further improve the quality of services on the evaluation and rates in the rated area of Labuan Corporation and the Corporation's property management.
  • Business first
  • To give satisfaction to investors


  1. Perform evaluation of the holdings in the Federal Territory of Labuan under Part XV of the Local Government Act 1976
  2. Impose an assessment tax on the holdings located in the rated area of Labuan Corporation
  3. Prepare rate of contributions claims on holdings of the Federal and State Governments
  4. Manage rentals for homes, business premises and lease of land owned by the Labuan Corporation
  5. Arrange insurance cover for buildings owned by the Labuan Corporation
  6. Provide counter services for assessment tax and rental property owned by the Labuan Corporation
  7. To identify problems faced by current and would be investors.
  8. To plan and implement strategies to prepare Labuan as a conducive location for investors.
  9. To produce basic information as reference to investors.
  10. To organize investment promotions for Labuan either in the form of visits, exhibition, seminars, trade expos or direct investments.
  11. To open up opportunities for the establishments of joint venture possibilities with investors in implementing projects that will enhance Labuan's status as a Tourist Haven, Free Port Island and an International Off–Shore Financial Centre.
  12. To coordinate trade and investments missions from outside of Labuan.
  13. To promote expansion activities for local home based products at the national and international level.
  14. Secretariat to BIMP – EAGA, F.T. Labuan Branch.

Client Charter

Valuation & Property Management

  • To issue the assessment tax bills before January and July of each year
  • To make contribution claims in aid of rates to the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government before March each year
  • Issue notice of assessment tax arrears in March and September of each year
  • Perform evaluation on new holdings for the purpose of the assessment within 19 working days
  • Process a complete document of property within 21 working days from the date of receipt
  • Issue offer letter of rental for housing and business premises within seven (7) working days from the date of the decision by the Interview Panel
  • Accept and coordinate public complaints on damage to rental properties within a 24-hour working period
  • Always provide friendly services to clients

Investment Unit

  • To ensure that a written comment is prepared on each application for a factory license from MIDA within thirty (30) working days from date received.
  • To ensure that proposals submitted by individuals or companies are given written acknowledgement or comments within (30) working days from date received.
  • To inform individuals or companies about proposed trade missions organized by the Ministry of International Trade and Industries or other agencies within three (3) days from date received.
  • To ensure that a written reply is sent out to all letters of enquiries within seven (7) working days.

Address :-

Valuation & Property Management Department,

1st Floor, Block B, Wisma Perbadanan Labuan

Jalan Merdeka, P.O Box 81245,

87022, FT Labuan


Office line :-

087-408650 / 087-408698