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Legal Advisor Office


The Objective

To ascertain Perbadanan Labuan’s interests are always protected by law when executing its duties as the Local Planning Authority for Federal Territory Labuan.



  • To legislate and  amend By-Laws; as well as set regulations for F.T. Labuan
  • To give recommendations and legal advice
  • To enforce existing and current By-Laws and regulations that are used in F.T. Labuan
  • To administer court cases that involve Perbadanan Labuan
  • To examine and prepare contract document or agreements for Perbadanan Labuan
  • To supervise and study the effectiveness of the law enforcement in F.T. Labuan.

The Client's Charter

The Legal Department is committed to ensure that all functions and authority that has been entrusted to Perbadanan Labuan can be executed wholly and smoothly within the law so that the Perbadanan’s objectives and goals can be achieved successfully.

We Promise to:

  • Give feedback needed by employees of the Perbadanan in the aspects the of law based on the criteria set as stated below:
    • Give legal advice within fourteen (14) working days after receiving all the information.
    • Study and check contract documents or agreements within thirty (30) working days for each class of documents after receiving all the information.
    • Prepare drafts of contract documents or agreements in not exceeding thirty (30) working days for each document after receiving all the information.
    • Process cases that need legal civil actions and to register these cases at the court pertaining to the legislations already set as stated below:
      • to appoint a legal advisor (if necessary) in not exceeding three (3) working days after receiving instruction and permission from the management of the Perbadanan
      • to give information to the legal panel in not exceeding fourteen (14) working days after being requested by them
      • to prepare Statements of Claim or Defense (if not using the Legal Department of the Perbadanan) in not exceeding (30) working days before a civil action is filed at the court
      • to serve legal actions on those who have broken the by-laws or legislations set by the Perbadanan pertaining to the criteria as stated below:
        • To submit an application to start prosecuting within fourteen (14) working days after receiving the Investigation File from the Investigating officers to be submitted to the Deputy Prosecutor.
        • To register cases at the Magistrate or Sessions Court of F.T. Labuan in not exceeding three (3) working days after receiving an approval from the Deputy Prosecutor
        • To prepare and serve notices of civil action on those who failed to make payments to Perbadanan Labuan as stated in the agreements signed by both parties in not exceeding seven (7) working days after receiving detailed records from the related departments.
        • To draft Legislations, By-Laws, Regulations and Orders
        • To prepare the first draft in not exceeding thirty (30) working days after receiving detailed reports, order or request from the management of Perbadanan Labuan.
        • To improve the draft legislations, by-laws, regulations or orders in not exceeding fifteen (15) working days after receiving comments from the Management of Perbadanan Labuan, the Federal Territory Ministry or / and the National Department of Justice.
        • To be hospitable at all times and to give full attention to each report submitted by customers whether internal or external in respect to legalities.

Address :-

Legal Advisor Office,

4th Floor, Menara Perbadanan Labuan

Jalan Okk Awang Besar, P.O Box 81245,

87022, FT Labuan


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