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Glorious sunsets.  That is the one thing a visitor would not fail to notice about Labuan.

The 9km beach stretch from Batu Manikar Beach to Sg. Miri Beach won the Clean Beach Award from United Nation Environment Program at Pattaya, Thailand through the 2nd COBSEA Marine Litter Workshop and Clean Up Campaign 2008.  The prestigious award is well-deserved as every morning municipal council workers can be seen hard at work cleaning the beach from any rubbish and debris.

From Batu Manikar Beach, drop by at Pohon Batu Beach where there are wooden stalls for fishermen to sell fresh seafood as soon as they are landed.  Nearby was a sandy park laden with man-made obstacles, the Sudut Cabaran (Challenge Corner) suitable for team-building activities. There was also food stalls aplenty for sunset worshippers to assuage their thirst and hunger.

Further along was the gorgeous Pancur Hitam Beach.  Casuarina trees aplenty stand in orderly rows, giving shade and a smidgeon of privacy to a courting couple who were enjoying the sunset together while leaning against their car.  You will not feel like intruding into their intimate moment and so drove onwards.  You will be passing the cosy and rustic Homestay of Kampung Sungai Labu that boasts of a great view of the beach.
A final point of interest was University Malaysia Sabah Kampus Labuan (UMSKAL) before made a slow drive back to Jalan Batu Manikar.  By then the sun's rays were at their most radiant, bathing the white-washed walls of the university in a warm golden glow.