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Batu Manikar Beach – Layang Layangan Glorious sunsets. That is the one thing a visitor would not fail to notice about Labuan. You can view it all along Jalan Batu Manikar right up to where University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) is located.

When the skies are clear (as it mostly is in sunny Labuan), the magnificent sun behaves as it had for centuries past. Its brilliant disappearing act into the horizon performance will begin just after 6pm.

The famous Batu Manikar Beach-Layang Layangan is a great place to view such a sunset. It is a fabulously long stretch of beach fringed with casuarinas and coconut trees. A footpath circles most parts of the beach for the convenience of joggers and casual walkers, shaded naturally by the many trees. It’s a definite incentive for health buffs to exercise out there with the fresh air, breeze and fantastic view.

Batu Manikar Beach – Layang Layangan won the COBSEA Clean Beach Award 2008. The prestigious award is well-deserved as every morning workers can be seen hard at work cleaning the beach from any rubbish and debris.


Layang-Layangan Beach is a popular place on weekends. Its sandy beaches invites one to lie down and soak up the sun with the waves lapping at one's toes

Layang-Layangan beach is a popular place on weekends. Its sandy white beaches is tempting, inviting one to lie down and soak up the sun with the sound of waves lapping at water's edge. Cycling paths and picnic tables are shaded by leafy trees. In this area too can be found many food stalls with live musical bands performing every weekend.

Horse riding and cycling are some of the popular leisure activities on this beach. The Peace Park is situated close by. The Manikar Beach Resort is also located around the same area.


Pancur Hitam Beach - This is one of the most developed beaches in Labuan. A beautiful landscaped park extends directly onto the long sandy beach.

Located at the north shore of Labuan, Pancur Hitam beach is home to Labuan's biggest and most luxurious private house - the "House of Millions of Peace". The roads nearby this house, Jalan Batu Manikar and Jalan Pancur Hitam, are tastefully designed with well landscaped and decorated pathways.

Just in front of the house, rows of local market stalls offer treats including fresh coconut water, chicken wings, popcorn and other mouth-watering local cuisines and knick-knacks. Right at the side of the house, there is a small natural path that will lead you to Bukit Pohon Batu (Pohon Batu Hill), the second highest peak in Labuan, where you can enjoy a jungle trekking jaunt. At the top of this hill, you will be greeted with beautiful beaches that stretch along the shore line. From this high vantage you can also have a bird's eye view of the entire Labuan island. On clear days, you can see all the way to the south of Financial Park Complex, situated in the heart of Labuan town.

Further south of Pancur Hitam beach, you will find a recreational area known as the "Sudut Cabaran" (Challenging Site), which offers an ideal site for various recreational activities including picnic and camping.

Towards the evenings, a breathtaking vista awaits you with the three peaks of Phin Batu Hill as a dramatic backdrop. The sunsets here is not to be missed! You can also catch a glimpse of typical Malay village near the Chimney (one of Labuan's famous landmark), Tanjung Kubong Tunnel Historical site, Labuan Bird Park and natural animal sanctuary - all the ingredients which makes Labuan one of the most fascinating tourist destination in Malaysia