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The Labuan Marine Museum is set up to preserve the precious marine heritage of Labuan. It aims at providing information and knowledge of the island's rich marine life.

A walk into this museum opens a sea world of colors with a fascinating panoramic view of fishes and corals not seen elsewhere.

The Museum is built on the concept of a ship with two floors of exhibits. Its welcomes visitors through a metal bridge. Clear violet-blue aquariums display the various habitats of marine life such as sharks, rays, butterfly fish, angel fish, damsels, wrasses, moray eels, poisonous fishes, shrimps and lobsters.

Visitors also have the rare experiences to touch and feel the displays placed in shallow waters such as starfish, sea cucumbers and king crabs.

The second floor's exhibits include habitats of coral reefs, habitats of sharks and rays, marine reptiles, commercial fish, marine mammals, marlins, fishing and diving activities, oceanography, marine biology, molluscs and crustacean.

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