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Department of Enforcement


  • Making the Enforcement Department a respected Department through its function in enforcing the law.
  • Provide strict and ethical, procedural and friendly as well as not acting unfairly while enforcing the law.
  • Guard the good name of Labuan Corporation as an organisation to be proud of.
  • Set an example to other departments within the organisation especially as a uniformed unit.
  • Develop the quality of Labuan residents as a whole in compliance and cooperation on the legal policies of Labuan Corporation being enforced.
  • Make the members of the department as a uniformed unit group of the Local Authority an example for other Local Authorities.


  • Enforced the laws stated below..
    • Local Government Ordinance 1961-section 103 & 104
    • Public Health Ordinance 1960- section 100
    • Trades Licensing Ordinance 1949- Section 12(2)
    • By Laws
      • (Anti litter) by laws 1992-Section 7(1) & (10)
      • (Anti litter) by laws 1992-Section 7(1) & (10)
      • (markets) by laws 1992-Section 31A
      • (Hawkers) by laws 1992-Section 16A
      • (Hairdressers) by laws 1992-Section 12A
      • (Food & Eating Premises) by laws 1992-Section 10A
      • (Advertisement) by laws 1996-Section 15(2) & 17(1)
      • (Letak Kereta) 1995-Section 29(1)
      • (Hotel & Lodging Houses ) by laws 1992-Section 11A(1)
  • Compound offences to the law
  • Capture animals/livestock roaming on the roads
  • Assist in eradicating illegal housings / squatters
  • Receive complaints, conduct investigations and take actions on disturbancesbr
  • Assist other units / departments in executing their duties especially related to licensing, assessment tax and traders control.

Client Charter

Our department is committed to provide responsible, friendly and quality services to clients :
Monday - Thursday: 09.00am - 11.30am; 2.00pm - 3.30pm
Friday : 09.00am - 11am; 02.00pm - 03.30pm
  • All Public Complaint Cases will be resolved in 2 working days in line with the Standard ISO 9001:2008
  • Payment and complaints counter will be open according to a fixed schedule ;

  • To ensure that the waiting period does not exceed 5 minutes for over the counter/call-in customers and that they are given friendly and respectful treatment.
  • Approval off applicants for parking lot will be processed according to the procedurs that has been specified while prioritizing the customer needs.
  • To ensure that every compound issued is in line with the Laws that have been set and enforced by Labuan Corporation

Address :-

Encofrcement Department

5th Floor, Menara Perbadanan Labuan

Jalan Okk Awang Besar, Peti Surat 81245,

87022, WP Labuan


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