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Title : Vital Voices


The main focus of this work is how women around the world are leading powerful change. Women's progress is global progress. Where there is an increase in women's university enrollment rates, women's earnings, and maternal health, and a reduction in violence against women, we see more prosperous communities, better educated, healthier families, and the preservation of equal human rights. Yet globally, women remain the most consistently under-utilized resource. The organization VItal Voices Global Partnership calls for and makes possible transformative leadership around the world. In this work, the author, the president and CEO shares the stories of remarkable, world-changing women, as well as the story of how Vital Voices Global Partnership was founded, crossing lines that typically divide.



Title : Video Marketing For Dummies


Savvy advice for adding video to your marketing plan. Video marketing is rapidly gaining popularity in online marketing and this fun-but-practical guide presents you with all aspects of video marketing from planning to production to distribution. You'll learn how to create a video strategy, produce an effective video, put it online, and get your video to the right consumers so you can help your business succeed. The author team has vast experience in video creation and marketing and explores ten video campaigns so you can learn from their successes and challenges.


Title : The Olympic Games


Author : John A. Davis39

The Olympics are the quintessential athletic competition. But beyond athletics lies a network of investment, organization, and case studies in leadership. For sponsors, a key byproduct of these networks is a strong brand halo--the focus of John Davis' interesting new book. Davis brings a keen academic and business eye to the brand halo associated with the competition. And this book will be an important resource and practical guide for firms in evaluating Olympic sponsorship.


Title : The Business Model Innovation Factory



Business model innovation is the new strategic imperative for all leaders Blockbuster's executives saw Netflix coming. Yet they stuck with their bricks and mortar business model, losing billions in shareholder value. They were "netflixed." Business models don't last as long as they used to. Historically CEO's have managed a single business model over their entire careers. Today, all organizations must be capable of designing, prototyping, and experimenting with new business models. The Business Model Innovation Factory provides leaders with the survival skills to create a pipeline of new business models in the face of disruptive markets and competition. Avoid being netflixed. Your organization must be a business model innovator to stay competitive in today's turbulent world.





Title : 501 Great Places To



This book is an invaluable guide for anyone wishing to discover the most incredible and intriguing places to stay around the world! 501 GREAT PLACES TO STAY features a wonderful selection of appealing places to stay. How about an underwater bedroom where the fish are looking in at you, or a treehouse you share with forest birds? An old bullring in Mexico or traditional riad in Morocco? A magical safari camp in the Galapagos or vintage railway carriage in the English countryside? They re all to be found in these pages, along with a whole lot more that is bound to stimulate the imagination.




Title : Extreme Planet


Here at Lonely Planet we decided to make a book all about the fascinating extremes that you can experience in our amazing world. WARNING: There's a serious YUCK factor within these pages, so it might be best to keep this book well away from Mom and Dad... Hang on for the ride of your life around the planet's hottest, wettest, deepest, coldest, highest, driest, windiest and all-round wildest places. Meet some of the most strangely different people'as well as the biggest, smallest, smelliest, slimiest, weirdest and kookiest critters that share this strange and wonderful world of ours.

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