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Please use above link for assistance related to Home, Main Menu, Search, Photo Gallery, Calendar, RSS, W3C, Web Mobile and Forum. For general inquiries you can refer to FAQ, to get an instant answer.

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Main Menu


Main Menu in Labuan Corporation website contain:

main menu

LOCAL menu provides useful information to the website user. Some of the information contained in this menu are Labuan Info, Places of Interest, Labuan City Guide, Statistics, Gallery, Contact Us, E-Community, Online Services, Eateries & Shopping Mall and also Places of Worship.

Users can also see the various services provided through the TOURISM menu like the history of Labuan, attractions, or looking for accommodation such as hotels and homestays.

BUSINESS menu disclosed information to consumers on major industrial, business opportunities or investments that may be made in Labuan. Users can also search for information such as laws and regulations in Labuan or want to know about the services provided as an online form download without going to the office to get it. In addition, the calendar of events throughout the year are also available from this menu.

LC CITIZENS menu contains the latest information and announcements about events that have occured and will occur in relation to the Labuan Corporation. Display of events and news in this website can help all users get the latest information in Labuan Corporation.



Search is located at the right corner side which is user are able to find required information in Labuan Corporation website.

Photo Gallery

  • Contain photo collection which is categorized under Album.
  • For example, in Nur Ramadhan 2014 Album displayed an activity photo that was carried out during the programme.
  • Users can click on the image for a clearer view.
  • Picture can also be downloaded.

    Example :

    foto portlet

What is RSS?

RSS (also known as "RSS Feeder", "Syndication" and others. After this, refer as RSS) is a short form for Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 dan 1.0) is XML application (Extensible Markup Language) according to World Wide Consortium (W3C) specification standard. It is news syndication format and used as an agent to obtain news or data through website online which support this application.

Technology development in online publication able to facilitate the task not only in the disseminating latest information but also able to track your favorite website latest information without necessary to remember the URL address or updating email to get latest info. This RSS Application is specialize for website developer to get latest info related to Labuan Corporation. Hopefully, through this website, LC able to channel Info Or Latest/Current Information from Labuan Corporation website fast and effective. Through this RSS Feeder also:

  • You may choose to read your desire news or relevant to your needs.
  • You able to get reliable information indirectly or to prevent unauthorized information (the spam ).
  • Time-Saving.
  • You able to find out Info or Latest Information regarding LC fast and effective.
  • News or info displayed is the latest without necessary to surf this website.

How to use RSS?

To use RSS from Labuan Corporation website, you can follow these steps below:

  • Click on RSS icon at website Main Page.
  • You will be displayed to all RSS website in the Labuan Corporation website. Click to the list that you wish.
  • Users are encouraged to choose "Subscribe to This Feed".
  • You can choose which type of display that you wish to see the RSS Feeder for example Browser or other RSS Feeder.
  • With this method, you will receive latest content automatically from Labuan Corporation website.

How to obtain RSS readers?

Users can download easily from desktop web-based RSS reader from the website. You need to choose a suitable reader based on need as this reader's function is different in term of usage and requirement. These are the most popular reader in the website.


RSS Reader




  • Calendar served as guidance to the users regarding events on a certain date.
  • It also represent events submenu that contain in News & Events
  • Users are able to find out any activities/programme on that particular date.
  • To find out overall activities on that particular month, user can click on the highlighted date.

W3C Function

Font Size

  • If you want to increase the font size, you can change it easily by click Tulisan Besar at the top of the page.
  • If you want to decrease the font size, you can change it by click Tulisan Kecil at the top of the page.
  • Or else, click Tulisan Normal to reset the font size.

Background Theme

  • If you want to change the background theme colour to Blue, click Tema Biru
  • If you want to change the background theme colour to Brown, click Tema Coklat
  • If you want to change the background theme colour to Red, click Tema Merah
  • Or else, click Set Semula Tema to reset to Default background color.

Color Schemes

Change the website contrast to enable users with vision impairment to see more clearly in regards to the tones more appropiate with the impairment.
  • If you want to make the website tonal contrast into blue contrast, click kontras biru
  • If you want to make the website tonal contrast into hivic contrast, click kontras civic
  • If you want to make the website tonal contrast into soft contrast, click kontras lembut
  • If you want to restore it back to original page, click reset


How to access the website using your mobile phone:

  1. Make sure you phone is set up for 3G connection. (Contact your service provider if you are not sure).
  2. Alternatively, if your phone or PDA has WiFi connection, please enable your WiFi availability and search your preferred WiFi connection. (Please do note that most WiFi need to be subscribe).
  3. Select the browser that is pre-installed in your phone (e.g. Internet Explorer , Opera , Safari , Web Mobile, etc).
  4. Access the site using the browser by typing and click OK/Enter/Submit. The mobile site will be shown on your mobile phone screen (it depends on the make and model of mobile phone used). Click on links to read the content or continue surfing.
  5. To return to the mobile main page, click on the icon Home shown below.
Mobile 1 Mobile 2 Mobile 3
Figure 1 – Sample display of a typical smart phone Figure 2 – Sample display of a typical smart phone Figure 3 – Sample display of a typical smart phone

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