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Internal Audit



To undertake a financial and management audit for all departments to ensure that all internal activities undertaken by each department are in accordance to existing rules and regulations.



  • To reassess the organization within a certain time frame to find out if all planning guidelines, supervision and monitoring of policies, instructions and management of regulations had been effectively implemented in line with the objectives of good governance.
  • To study the reliability and effectiveness of the internal and operational systems and to find out if they are effective and dependable.
  • To study the accuracy and authenticity of the financial reports and to determine a system to check, itemize and report the information.
  • To study the existing system to make sure that it is in accordance with the policies, rules and regulations especially in areas that will effect its implementation; as well as to check if the organization is following existing guidelines and to propose a new policy if deemed necessary.
  • To do a study to find the best way to protect whatever assets and to confirm the existence of such assets.
  • To evaluate the benefits and effectiveness of using existing resources, to determine and recognise opportunities which will improve or enhance the usage of such resources; and to propose a system to check problems that are connected to it.
  • To study the management of the organisation as well as the implementation of its policies to make sure that the results are in line with the objectives that had been determined; and to check if the implementation is following the proposal.
  • To coordinate the Internal and External Audit Departments.
  • Together to be consistent in the planning, design, develop and implement a managerial software system especially in the aspects of:
    • - Control
    • - Accuracy
    • - The ability to record documents
    so that the system developed is able to help Perbadanan Labuan achieve its goals.

The Client's Charter

The Internal Audit Department is committed to audit professionally based on a charter that is accepted by the public; and to make assessments and reports that are independent, objective and unbiased.

We promise to :

  • Prepare and complete the Annual Internal Audit within three (3) weeks
  • Implement the Financial Management Audit and the Special Research Report within two (2) months
  • Prepare and complete the Audit Research Report that is balanced, independent and fair within three (3) weeks after auditing is completed
  • Prepare reports or observatory audits that are precise, independent and easy to understand
  • Give views and proposals that are constructive.

In order to ensure that financial and management operations are implemented within the guidelines, rules and regulations that are mandatory.


Address :-

Internal Audit Department,

Tingkat 4, Menara Perbadanan Labuan

Jalan Okk Awang Besar, P.O Box 81245,

87022, FT Labuan


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