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By: Labuan Corporation

Labuan Corporation Centralized Apps is now in Google Play. Please browse to download applications mobile phone here or you can type directly on Google Play Search - enter the keyword "Labuan Corporation" or "Perbadanan Labuan" and select "Labuan Corporation App"

The mobile phone application is intended to help customers get information about the PL for the services provided by the PL.

This application also provides access to: -
1) Compound (PL) - Checks can be made directly without the need for registration.
2) Registration to eApps - registration is required to use the reservation/booking.
3) Login to eApps - platform for entry into the application (reservation/booking)

* For information, this smartphone application developed for the Android platform only for the moment. Additional functions and improvements will be added as needed.

Free Download

google play

*Download a user manual for android only version of Labuan Corporation Centralized Apps

Disclaimer: Only for users of Android version 4.0.3 and above only