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Tourism, Culture & Art



  • Develop and expand Labuan's' tourism industry that could facilitate in local economy growth
  • Develop, stimulate, ease and nurture the development of art, culture, shopping and sea sports as tourists' attraction


  • To advance, stimulate, ease and nurture the development of tourism, flourishing of art, culture, sports and recreational activities
  • Run tourism activities, research, studies and training
  • Provide and publish materials to promote Labuan tourism
  • Develop, coordinate, arrange and update Labuan's tourism website
  • Plan and organize all sorts of tourism activities and program that could attract tourists to Labuan
  • Supervise and handle tourism related equipments, facilities and budget
  • Expand the art of music and dance inspired by national integration
  • Develop and expand local culture without overriding its authenticity
  • Increase the attractive factor of Labuan tourism
  • Increase Federal cooperation related to tourism in the BIMP-EAGE region

The Client's Charter

We practice excellent work culture and are highly committed to implement each of the responsibilities as stated below:

  • To develop, encourage, facilitate and work towards the betterment of the arts, culture, sea sports and other recreational activities through organizing events that are related to them; and to broaden the involvement of every community.
  • To develop, encourage, facilitate and manage the tourism industry based on the culture, the beauty of nature, heritage, shopping and sea sports so as to fulfill the various needs of local and international tourists.
  • To organize courses, training and seminars in the field of tourism to produce a professional work force, writers and arts activists who are creative and able to give high quality service.
  • To improve and increase the infrastructure and tourism related products from time to time to cater to the various needs of local and international tourists.

Alamat :-

Tourism, Culture & Arts

1st Floor, Block A, Wisma Perbadanan Labuan

Jalan Merdeka, Peti Surat 81245,

87022, WP Labuan


Office Line:-

087-408740 / 087-408746